Get ready for the one of the most anticipated fitness Shape up for 2019, The Ultimate Carnival Shape Up.


Bush Mountain has scheduled 30 Carnival Burns starting January 8th going through to Bacchanal Wednesday, February 27th. The package is designed to give the dedicated attendee the fitness level to have a fabulous carnival from fetes to Ash Wednesday. Once combined with a thought out diet you will get the body to show off.

Each session is a 2-hour burn combining Boot Camp, Zumba, Kickboxing, and Trail Workouts. The sessions shall be divided into halves, the first half will be Boot Camp with the second workout being one of the others. The sessions are seamlessly combined but give you the option to choose one workout. All shall provide full body movement combining the three basics of any fitness program — strength, cardio, and agility all into one challenging workout using battle ropes, tractor tires, kettlebells, hammers, and so much more.

Bring your own mat and gloves if you wish

Make sure you have a dry change of clothes and towel in case it rains (we usually go indoors during rain but sometimes it catches us)

Membership Package that gives all scheduled classes including access to the pool and trail.



1 day



1 month



3 month


St Anns, Cascadia Hotel and Conference Centre
Port of Spain.

Free Parking

Cascadia Hotel compound in St Anns.


Call 620-8240 or 325-5599