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Welcome to Bush Mountain, a health and wellness sanctuary located in the hills of St Anns at the Cascadia Hotel. With 4 levels of health and wellness; the first is an open floor indoors gym where we hold classes of Zumba, Kickboxing, Circuit, Flexibility and Strength training. Second is the Pool where you can relax, do laps, join in Aqua Aerobics and more. Third if our Outdoors gym with tractor and car tires, battle ropes monkey bars, pull up stations, lots for our famous Boot Camp Sessions. Finally is 3km of trail climbing Bush Mountain to get our spectacular sunsets, hummingbirds and nature in its full. It is an eco project that brings health to Trinidad through active participation in nature and its conservation. Immerse yourself in nature and achieve your health and wellness goals through trail walking, running, yoga, boot camp, forest bathing, rappelling at a conservation sanctuary. One mountain, two paths, for rejuvenating your optimal mind, body and spirit.

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